Chris and Andy Try to Make the Perfect Pizza Toppings | Making Perfect: Episode 4 | Bon Appétit


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  • Jordan
    Jordan  3 minutes back

    How could they put anchovies on such a delicious looking pizza!😭

    • Danelectro_56-u2
      Danelectro_56-u2  41 minutes back

      Molly continues to raise the bar for miserable attitude in every episode.

      • DrMikeTTx
        DrMikeTTx  2 hours back

        What temps for top and bottom do you use on your Pizzaiolo? I use mine on "wood fired" setting and it works extremely well but yours looked like they came out with more color.....

        • ThePeacemaker
          ThePeacemaker  2 hours back

          Where is the pizza video due today??????

          • Wedge Oli
            Wedge Oli  2 hours back

            So the question left for me in this episode is WHO WROTE “NO MUSHROOMS”
            1. Molly was nodding about the idea of mushrooms
            2. Clare was also enthusiastic
            3. Can’t be Chris or Andy
            4. They recognized brads writing



            • slabbydo
              slabbydo  4 hours back

              "glistening.....nude anchovy" alright my guy 👀👀

              • ThisMidgetSings
                ThisMidgetSings  4 hours back

                As a Brit, ...pie?

                • Max
                  Max  4 hours back

                  Is there gonna be an ep when they round it all up??

                  • Elizabeth Lok
                    Elizabeth Lok  5 hours back

                    Everyone thatS too scared to admit to love:

                    Chris: PINEAPPLE as a topping

                    • Justin Li
                      Justin Li  5 hours back

                      ooof this was recorded a quarter of a year ago

                      • Jordan Yucannaka
                        Jordan Yucannaka  5 hours back

                        Been over a week seems like it's time to release the final video?

                        • Andrea Zamora
                          Andrea Zamora  6 hours back

                          What pizza oven are they using?

                          • actionturnips
                            actionturnips  6 hours back

                            molly a sav

                            • BettyMakaBoop
                              BettyMakaBoop  6 hours back

                              Andy seems to be so full of himself, I would have a hard time working with him.

                              • sarah sinovich
                                sarah sinovich  6 hours back

                                love how savage molly is to the big boss

                                • Greg Hirtzel
                                  Greg Hirtzel  7 hours back

                                  I think the real heroes of this show are the kitchen workers making all that pizza dough for the million test pies they're making. Claire created the recipe but I doubt she's slaving away making more dough for the future testing. That's a lot of dough!

                                  • Tye Bennett
                                    Tye Bennett  7 hours back

                                    Is the last episode coming out today?

                                    • Ryan James McInnis (RMatic Design)

                                      .."This kinda like, kinda still like glistening, y'know, kinda like nude anchovy"... I'm dead LOL

                                      • Fancy panda0
                                        Fancy panda0  8 hours back

                                        You have not felt February chill until you have gone to northern Ontario.

                                        • SouthernBassHunter
                                          SouthernBassHunter  8 hours back

                                          Tear the sliced mortadella in thirds... Will look better spaced out and eats better per bite

                                          • TheAuMiner
                                            TheAuMiner  9 hours back

                                            Mushrooms are pizza should be treated as a war crime. There is no other option.

                                            • Mr. Kat
                                              Mr. Kat  10 hours back

                                              PINEAPPLE IS EXCELLENT ON PIZZA

                                              • Crystpod Applegate
                                                Crystpod Applegate  10 hours back

                                                is anyone else annoyed because they keep calling the pizza a pie? No just me?? OK

                                                • Jesse
                                                  Jesse  6 hours back

                                                  annoys me too, I honestly done understand why 'pie' is used at all to describe a pizza?

                                              • nocctea
                                                nocctea  10 hours back

                                                Of course Chris would like pineapple on his pizza lol

                                                • NiNi Jendeukie
                                                  NiNi Jendeukie  10 hours back

                                                  Molly - Phoebe
                                                  Chris - Ross
                                                  Carla - Monica
                                                  Andy - Chandler
                                                  Brad - Joey
                                                  Claire - Rachel

                                                  C.H.E.F.S. - F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

                                                  • Tiago Serrenho
                                                    Tiago Serrenho  11 hours back

                                                    No prosciutto crudo??? Rucola? What are you guys doing??? :) Great series!

                                                    • Meeble
                                                      Meeble  11 hours back

                                                      just sitting here waiting for the next episode xD

                                                      • María Weinberg
                                                        María Weinberg  11 hours back

                                                        BA, I loved this series! Please do another with different foods. :)

                                                        • Gia Medina
                                                          Gia Medina  12 hours back

                                                          Omg I love this series 💜 I will think of Andy as “dirty chantrelle” forevermore 😂 My one pet peeve with this video is seeing them cut the pizzas on the peels sometimes; it ruins the smoothness of the wood and will make them harder to use over time. Everything they’re making looks awesome and they have super cool jobs at BA 😊

                                                          • Joel Varghese
                                                            Joel Varghese  14 hours back

                                                            Priya in the video for 1 minute and still finds a a way to mention her parents

                                                            • Judah Wilkin
                                                              Judah Wilkin  18 hours back

                                                              Pineapple belongs on pizza

                                                              • C Pretzel
                                                                C Pretzel  18 hours back

                                                                22:59 get you some who looks at you like molly looks talking about pizza.

                                                                • C Pretzel
                                                                  C Pretzel  18 hours back

                                                                  Molly fighting with her boss

                                                                  • Kyder
                                                                    Kyder  18 hours back

                                                                    Pretty sure I’m in love with Andy. 😂 That smile kills me. 😍😍😍

                                                                    • C Pretzel
                                                                      C Pretzel  18 hours back

                                                                      Chris Morocco’s posture is truly unreal

                                                                      • Shahida SterolineRKBieberMC

                                                                        All hail the wooden paddle and chris!

                                                                        • Charlie Westfort
                                                                          Charlie Westfort  20 hours back

                                                                          35:07 "... that was dough... episode.." *claire's face* lol!

                                                                          • hen ko
                                                                            hen ko  23 hours back

                                                                            Why cooking two whole pizza to compare why not half and half pizza less waste...

                                                                            • J P
                                                                              J P  24 hours back

                                                                              ugh...dream job

                                                                              • Quincy Dugar
                                                                                Quincy Dugar  1 days back

                                                                                Shady Andy

                                                                                • Danny Park
                                                                                  Danny Park  1 days back

                                                                                  It took them a month to try the wooden scoop thing?

                                                                                  • luciyanna4002
                                                                                    luciyanna4002  1 days back

                                                                                    How did they decide on the type of parmesan? And olive oil!

                                                                                    • Boogieman
                                                                                      Boogieman  1 days back

                                                                                      Molly has attitude, not the bad kind.

                                                                                      • Alexis D
                                                                                        Alexis D  1 days back

                                                                                        Molly and the Boss Interaction makes this video!

                                                                                        • K T
                                                                                          K T  1 days back

                                                                                          i love that BA is finding its individual appeal more and more: they are the friends of food channels! This 'formula' works we love it!

                                                                                          • Jeremy Lewis
                                                                                            Jeremy Lewis  1 days back

                                                                                            I already had a crush on Andy and this just made it 2, 3, maybe even 4 times stronger.

                                                                                            • Richard Royster
                                                                                              Richard Royster  1 days back

                                                                                              For God's sake someone show these people how to work with dough.

                                                                                              • Morris Köchle
                                                                                                Morris Köchle  1 days back

                                                                                                8:14 here’s a hack make the pizza on the thingy you put it in the oven with.