Ninja DESTROYS Fortnite Players (Secret Pro Gamer) | React


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    REACT   2 weeks back

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    • Ward1724
      Ward1724  5 days back

      GOT YOU TO 15 k

    • ghost all avina
      ghost all avina  7 days back

      Hi I love your videos please do more YouTube and I want to meet you one day and you are awesome and notification squads

    • Bryn ʌʌʇ
      Bryn ʌʌʇ  1 weeks back

      REACT I just wish I was their

  • MacBack123
    MacBack123  5 minutes back

    my mouse is high end. the front top broke, so i use without a case, soon 3d print one.

    • Bumbumjum
      Bumbumjum  3 hours back

      Tom: Haha yeah yeah

      Ninja: 🗿

      • dark gaspar
        dark gaspar  4 hours back

        OMG ninja played with a girl

        • The Pro
          The Pro  5 hours back

          They should put tfue not ninja 1 like= i tfue

        • Kite Maker
          Kite Maker  5 hours back

          I hate ninja so much :)

        • PyRo 0117
          PyRo 0117  6 hours back

          They couldn’t get an actual good pro

        • Abdallah shalby
          Abdallah shalby  6 hours back

          Tfue is better

        • André Augustesen
          André Augustesen  6 hours back

          This is what ninja does to get recognized since no one watches him anymore

          • Pray- K
            Pray- K  11 minutes back

            André Augustesen And this is what you do to get attention, hating on successful people

          • Roman Gyawali
            Roman Gyawali  1 hours back

            Just so you know, they call ninja to come in. Ninja doesn't ask to be come in

          • Abdallah shalby
            Abdallah shalby  6 hours back

            André Augustesen good for you

        • Royals Random
          Royals Random  8 hours back

          Why can’t I be them

          • Alexander Rojas
            Alexander Rojas  9 hours back

            Luckily ninja didn’t report someone 😅

            • numb
              numb  6 hours back

              Alexander Rojas lmao

          • Deep Thought 101
            Deep Thought 101  9 hours back

            Epic Victory Royale!!!!

            • Nathan Sandes
              Nathan Sandes  9 hours back

              Why does ninja look depressed

            • Ethan Plays ROBLOX
              Ethan Plays ROBLOX  10 hours back

              I love ninja

              • Hooper
                Hooper  10 hours back

                Ninja wtf that hair

              • scarletAlex lazuli
                scarletAlex lazuli  11 hours back

                I don't know but tom looks younger without a beard I thought this vid was old but it's from this month

                • jovan tashev
                  jovan tashev  12 hours back

                  Ninja is low key bad

                  • Sodium Chloride
                    Sodium Chloride  2 hours back

                    @{LS}Lightning Strike 9 year old detected

                  • Yeah Lets go Jaa
                    Yeah Lets go Jaa  2 hours back

                    He is always trash lol

                  • Cas Thomas
                    Cas Thomas  9 hours back

                    Ysually plays a lot better. Think he a different setting, dpi, equipment then what he is usually playing.

                  • {LS}Lightning Strike
                    {LS}Lightning Strike  11 hours back

                    jovan tashev b4tt3r then u

                • Abdallah shalby
                  Abdallah shalby  12 hours back

                  Who ever reads this comment you will have good luck 🍀👍 for ever

                  • Jinsoku
                    Jinsoku  13 hours back


                    • Jinsoku
                      Jinsoku  2 hours back

                      JM Studios Of course Minecraft is better. Fortnite is GARBAGE

                    • JM Studios
                      JM Studios  2 hours back

                      Minecraft is better. 🤡.

                    • Abdallah shalby
                      Abdallah shalby  9 hours back

                      لا اسف

                    • sweet girl
                      sweet girl  11 hours back

                      Abdallah shalby في عربيك ما توقعت

                    • Abdallah shalby
                      Abdallah shalby  12 hours back

                      WE HATE PUBG WE HATE PUBG

                  • Oblivv
                    Oblivv  13 hours back

                    Did she just say C O D moves 6:54

                    • KiPPi
                      KiPPi  5 hours back

                      It hurt my soul

                  • Orbaz
                    Orbaz  15 hours back

                    Ninja is a bot

                  • Brandon Wong
                    Brandon Wong  15 hours back

                    Wow this game of roblox was epic

                    • Jaan
                      Jaan  16 hours back

                      Her building skills are outta this world

                      • Jaan
                        Jaan  9 hours back

                        Ye she isn’t even building

                      • Ye
                        Ye  14 hours back

                        Jaan her building is decent tho

                      • Ye
                        Ye  14 hours back

                        Jaan i build better no cap

                    • silas max Ybarra
                      silas max Ybarra  18 hours back

                      REACT you should make tenns play def jam fight for new York on ps2 this game was awsome comment yes or no

                      • whynot
                        whynot  18 hours back

                        why ninja hair parted like that lmaoooo

                        • TT N
                          TT N  14 hours back

                          Cos he backstreet 😏

                      • JP RORRO
                        JP RORRO  19 hours back

                        Ninja is a bot

                        • Shadow
                          Shadow  20 hours back

                          4:40 thank me later

                          • K1NG
                            K1NG  7 hours back

                            that's disrespectful

                          • Oblivv
                            Oblivv  13 hours back

                            She flat

                          • anime thighs saves lives
                            anime thighs saves lives  19 hours back

                            you're doing god's work. bless

                          • Shadow
                            Shadow  19 hours back

                            @Ceeday not that great, but yoga pants 👌

                        • Burst Void
                          Burst Void  20 hours back

                          Kendelle be giving me the season 1 vibes...

                          The game used to be fun ;(

                          • Nessa
                            Nessa  21 hours back

                            That girl really reminds me of me when i’m playing with my friends. My heart cries for her.

                            • IamRedfooled ツ lol
                              IamRedfooled ツ lol  21 hours back

                              Lowkey ninjas hair😂, ninja your great

                            • Riggs
                              Riggs  22 hours back

                              Ninja! Your such a great dude!

                              • jojo tiradostar
                                jojo tiradostar  24 hours back

                                ewwww ninja

                                • Rodolfo Ramos
                                  Rodolfo Ramos  20 hours back

                                  Your profile pic is |eeeew noT ninja #changeyourprofilepic

                                • END_ AZUL
                                  END_ AZUL  21 hours back

                                  @Cruz Fuentes Studio grammar plz

                                • Cruz Fuentes Studios
                                  Cruz Fuentes Studios  22 hours back

                                  jojo tiradostar you bully ninja is awesome

                                • Riggs
                                  Riggs  22 hours back

                                  jojo tiradostar bully ninja is a great guy

                              • Buddafingaz
                                Buddafingaz  24 hours back

                                Do the people in the comments understand he was on a completely different setup? Of course if he isn’t used to the setup he’s gonna be bad at first.

                                • lizbeth martinez
                                  lizbeth martinez  1 days back

                                  All this little kids saying he suck are just toxic . He wasn’t used to the setup bruhh chill

                                  • lizbeth martinez
                                    lizbeth martinez  19 hours back

                                    Burst Void look at the comment my friend

                                  • Burst Void
                                    Burst Void  20 hours back

                                    lizbeth martinez who said he sucks? No One!

                                • Animo
                                  Animo  1 days back

                                  Ninja? Cool
                                  Others? Trash
                                  Hotel? Trivago

                                • SDK Gaming
                                  SDK Gaming  1 days back

                                  I wonder how many people are gonna freak out because Ninja played with a girl

                                  • Busted Burn
                                    Busted Burn  1 days back

                                    Ninjas fickin trash in this vid

                                    • kaylieplaysss
                                      kaylieplaysss  20 hours back

                                      What did u expect? He’s playing on a whole different setup!

                                  • SyKoFiseツ
                                    SyKoFiseツ  1 days back

                                    Is ninja consitpated??

                                    • Burst Void
                                      Burst Void  20 hours back

                                      Think you ment c o n s t i p a t e d

                                  • asad and hamza aka king

                                    Why does the boy have a ps4 controller when he was playing xbox

                                    • pogchamper
                                      pogchamper  2 hours back

                                      the ps4 controller is plugged into the PC and they have the controller setup/controls in fortnite set to the xbox controller

                                    • Ahmad Ranj
                                      Ahmad Ranj  1 days back

                                      asad and hamza aka king cuz it’s rigged

                                  • Gianni Hernandez
                                    Gianni Hernandez  1 days back

                                    Tyler looked like a giant compared to her when they hugged 💀 and its so weird to see his hair not styled

                                    • Bluray
                                      Bluray  1 days back

                                      Have u heard about ligma?

                                    • Lil_Dead
                                      Lil_Dead  1 days back

                                      ninja is trash

                                    • KICKNO /KICKSNO
                                      KICKNO /KICKSNO  1 days back

                                      Can i hug U 😲🤢💣💥

                                      • aneesa
                                        aneesa  1 days back

                                        their reactions aw

                                        • NsK_Artistik
                                          NsK_Artistik  1 days back

                                          im sorry but this video is liwkey funny

                                          • vs424
                                            vs424  1 days back

                                            Like whaaaaaat bro How much do i have to be contained on the show? Im up for almost any price lol

                                            • Press Play
                                              Press Play  1 days back

                                              Ninja is the GOAT

                                            • Mlg Robert
                                              Mlg Robert  1 days back

                                              Ninja looks great