Official Teaser: Disney's Maleficent: Mistress of Evil - In Theaters October 18!

  • Published: 14 May 2019
  • “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” is a fantasy adventure that picks up several years after “Maleficent,” in which audiences learned of the events that hardened the heart of Disney’s most notorious villain and drove her to curse a baby Princess Aurora. The film continues to explore the complex relationship between the horned fairy and the soon to be Queen as they form new alliances and face new adversaries in their struggle to protect the moors and the magical creatures that reside within. The film is directed by Joachim Rønning from a story by Linda Woolverton and a screenplay by Linda Woolverton and Micah Fitzerman-Blue & Noah Harpster, the film is produced by Joe Roth, Angelina Jolie and Duncan Henderson with Matt Smith, Jeff Kirschenbaum and Michael Vieira serving as executive producers.

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  • April Garcia
    April Garcia  54 minutes back

    great movie, heard she will be acting for the new marvel movie as well

    • Will Mcdonald
      Will Mcdonald  1 hours back

      I can do without the "Season of the Witch" remake on the soundtrack but the rest of it looks amazing.

      • Tinted Hourglass
        Tinted Hourglass  1 hours back

        "If I didn't know better, I'd say you were making a threat."
        "Well, do you?"
        "Do I what?"
        "Know better."
        ...and that was when I knew I'd be there to see it opening night.

        • cmanking cmanking
          cmanking cmanking  2 hours back

          It's Walt Disney's 🌏 you think they have more subs 🤔

          • GYR O
            GYR O  1 hours back

            and this trailer has less than 5 million views in over a week. That's low for a Disney movie.

        • Prince James Roman
          Prince James Roman  2 hours back

          I'm still on Team Hela/Alita, but this is a close second. I'm liking this magnificently.

          • Elizabeth Galea
            Elizabeth Galea  2 hours back

            Is this a retelling of sleeping beauty because the scenes were aurora pricks her finger are not the same like the first one

            • tatt oo sticker
              tatt oo sticker  2 hours back

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              • Maria Clara
                Maria Clara  2 hours back


                • Tonto
                  Tonto  3 hours back

                  Disney: No Smoking in our movies!
                  Also Disney: 1:09

                  • Zul 97
                    Zul 97  3 hours back

                    I thought Maleficent gonna be quite old in this one, but damnnnn !! She doesn't aged !! 🔥

                    • Ryan Lasco
                      Ryan Lasco  3 hours back

                      Sh*t this sooo lit🔥😍😍💜 can't w8

                      • The Silly Skits
                        The Silly Skits  3 hours back


                        Since when was Maleficent into lingerie!?!

                        • Crakatoot
                          Crakatoot  3 hours back

                          This looks stupid.

                          • LuthorCorpMinion
                            LuthorCorpMinion  4 hours back

                            Dammit Disney you’re not tricking me again. The last movie was garbage. Don’t play with me!

                            • Zul 97
                              Zul 97  3 hours back

                              A garbage which is over $700M worth?? Wow isn't that impressive 🤣

                          • jade contreras
                            jade contreras  4 hours back


                            • Skinny Arms
                              Skinny Arms  4 hours back

                              The only type of roles she’s useful for anymore. Someone to hate.

                              • Taylor Schwartz
                                Taylor Schwartz  5 hours back

                                Ooooohhhhh , this looks good

                                • parwkrose;
                                  parwkrose;  5 hours back

                                  oH MY NO WAY NO WAY NO WAYYY

                                  • Michael B
                                    Michael B  6 hours back

                                    noooo she's evil again? :(
                                    and wow angelina still is looking damn fine! :)

                                    • Martin Ezequiel
                                      Martin Ezequiel  7 hours back

                                      If only all the Disney stories were told like this.

                                      • jade orly paler
                                        jade orly paler  7 hours back

                                        Philip mother is a witch and I'm sure of it

                                        • roboguy75
                                          roboguy75  7 hours back

                                          I hated the first one, but this one legitimately looks awesome.

                                          • kevin masin
                                            kevin masin  7 hours back

                                            Aqui hay puro ingles

                                            • nathan buffat
                                              nathan buffat  7 hours back

                                              The song is « season ou the witch » By the phantoms

                                              • Aman Jassal
                                                Aman Jassal  7 hours back

                                                What is good, what is evil. Such a narrow-minded view-point.

                                                • electric_magnetic
                                                  electric_magnetic  7 hours back

                                                  So, they made an effort to humanize her in the first movie and now they're telling us that she ACTUALLY is evil. SMH

                                                  • Jahzion Johnson
                                                    Jahzion Johnson  8 hours back

                                                    SIGN ME DISNEY, MOVIES, MUSIC, DOCUMENTARY, ETC.
                                                    MWP Official, Shadows
                                                    Greenville, North Carolina
                                                    COPY, PASTE, SHARE, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE

                                                  • Sebastian Insane
                                                    Sebastian Insane  8 hours back

                                                    Angelina'S Not Angel,

                                                    She is a evil Devil ! .

                                                    • Lia Phoenix
                                                      Lia Phoenix  8 hours back

                                                      Someone ask for this shit live ? Another fucking live? No? Fine,NEXT THANKS

                                                      • Lia Phoenix
                                                        Lia Phoenix  8 hours back

                                                        GIVE US FROZEN 2 TRAILER!!! #FROZEN2 STOP THESE SHIT LIVE ACTIONS!!

                                                        • Dee Zimmo
                                                          Dee Zimmo  8 hours back

                                                          I see, Angelina's true form last.

                                                          • Akasima 8
                                                            Akasima 8  8 hours back

                                                            I dont think the mistress of evil is about her.

                                                            • Gabby Fernandes
                                                              Gabby Fernandes  9 hours back

                                                              Cant wait

                                                              • Collective Clutter
                                                                Collective Clutter  9 hours back

                                                                I can't wait to see this!

                                                                • S7R4
                                                                  S7R4  10 hours back

                                                                  worst cover of season of the witch ive ever heard. makes me not want to see the movie

                                                                  • N S.
                                                                    N S.  11 hours back

                                                                    Maleficent used to be good when she was in love with a human...and then became bad because she was betrayed by a human...and then became good again because she felt deep love connection for Aurora...and now this new movie she is back to being BAD again....okay this is so confusing.....but I like it and looking forward to the movie.

                                                                    • Devin Martinez
                                                                      Devin Martinez  11 hours back

                                                                      Hella vs her. Imagine that movie!!!

                                                                      • Cali Potter And the house of pets!

                                                               first I thought that this was a remake of a remake

                                                                        • Cali Potter And the house of pets!

                                                                          Disney: let's remake Sleeping Beauty but this time Maleficent is good!
                                                                          Disney: you know what...we should make a sequel to Maleficent!

                                                                          • KuKuKlock123
                                                                            KuKuKlock123  11 hours back

                                                                            Angelina’s so gorgeous 😍

                                                                            • s h
                                                                              s h  11 hours back

                                                                              These movies look so much better and are so enticing for the masses to run to, but in the end when we die none of this stuff will matter. Most of us when we stand before God to be judged we are going to wish we spent our time doing Gods will instead of living a life giving into all the entertaining distractions filling our self with pleasure. I now see why Jesus said His second coming is going to be like a thief in the night. Everyone on earth is going to be distracted by entertainment and not thinking about it. It literally is going to shock the entire world even though the signs are everywhere. Remember the 10 virgins who were waiting on the bridegroom. They all fell asleep like most people in the world are today. Asleep. And only 5 of them made it to the wedding.

                                                                              • Sazid Hossain Sazib
                                                                                Sazid Hossain Sazib  11 hours back

                                                                                Queen of Pain

                                                                                • smackrexgaming
                                                                                  smackrexgaming  12 hours back

                                                                                  Bitch ain’t no body want that weak ass shit

                                                                                  • Protect Animal Life
                                                                                    Protect Animal Life  12 hours back

                                                                                    My wife and I loved the first Maleficent and later enjoyed it on DVD.

                                                                                    • Vincent Alcayde
                                                                                      Vincent Alcayde  12 hours back

                                                                                      well now she became into a sexy body builder

                                                                                      • Shapie Pie
                                                                                        Shapie Pie  12 hours back

                                                                                        When i watched the 1st movie,,
                                                                                        Ive forgotten that maleficent is a villain..

                                                                                        • chase hall
                                                                                          chase hall  12 hours back

                                                                                          I...I actually kind of want to see this. Never saw the first one and not a huge Angelina fan but this looks pretty decent somehow

                                                                                          • panggop jio
                                                                                            panggop jio  12 hours back

                                                                                            I just want to know abt diaval 😂